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Peranakan Lifeis an informational Website dedicated to the Peranakan (Baba Nyonya) people.

It serves as a repository of the Peranakan Heritage and Culture, as well as a place for everyone to meet and exchange information on anything Peranakan.

It is hoped that with this Website, the memory of the Peranakan Lifestyle and Identity will be immortalized for many generations to come.

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Kam Siah!

DISCLAIMER: This Website serves primarily as a centre of information of the Peranakan Heritage and Culture. As much as possible, this Website strives to provide visitors with a complete and accurate source of information about the Baba Nyonya people and their lifestlyle. Hence it may contain information or images taken from other Websites or sources for the sake of completeness, of which credit and acknowledgement for such occurrences shall be duly given. The owner of this Website has no intention whatsoever to commercialize from any information or images obtained from the above-said other Websites and sources, as the main objective of this Website is to spread knowledge about the Peranakan Heritage and Culture to the general public.

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